Announcing CPA of Florida’s New Business Spotlight Live – Do You Want Your Business in the Spotlight?

Sarah Imboden New Business Spotlight

We are very excited to announce our new “Business Spotlight” live segment!

What is our new “Business Spotlight”?

Well, let me explain; we will have local business owners go live with one of our CPA’s once a month to answer some very popular questions about their businesses. Do you want to learn more about some local businesses and how they started or operate? Do you want to learn of a restaurant, flooring, or other company you may be looking to use in the future? Or maybe you just need some tips and tricks for your own business. We will have all different businesses in the spotlight ranging from the mortgage industry to the auto industry and everything in between, so tune in on our Facebook or YouTube for our very first monthly “Business Spotlight” live segment coming on October 28th!

You won’t be disappointed! Want to be considered for our next Business Spotlight? Click here to apply.