2019 Tax Filing Deadlines and Other Important Dates

Bob Babcock Knowledge Base

As we begin another year it is time to think about income tax filing deadlines. Every year these deadlines can move a little bit due to weekends, Federal Holidays or State specific holidays.

Here is a quick summary of the 2020 tax filing deadlines for 2019 tax returns:

• March 16 is the S Corp and Partnership return filing deadline without an extension.
• April 15 is the filing deadline for tax returns without an extension.
• September 15 is the final deadline for filing S Corp and Partnership returns with an extension.
• October 15 is the final deadline for filing individual tax returns with an extension.

Estimated Tax payments are due on the following dates for 2020 tax payments:

• April 15, 2020
• June 15, 2020
• September 15, 2020
• January 15, 2021

Remember an extension to file is not an extension to pay. Penalties and interest accrue from the original filing date, not the extended due date.