Business Spotlight – 2nd Edition with Mark Cox from Edison Auto Services

Sarah Imboden New Business Spotlight

We are so excited to have Mark on for this month’s Business Spotlight. Mark owns Edison Auto Services and has been in the automotive business for 40 years!  Can you imagine the knowledge he must-have for the automotive industry? Do you want to learn how he started or operates his business? Do you want to learn about some of the costs to run his business? Or maybe you just want to see how he can help his clients compared to others in the Automotive industry. Whatever the reason, join us for this live Q&A with Andrea Dillon, CPA, CTRS & Mark Cox, Owner of Edison Auto Services.

Words of Wealth Webinar – Lower Your Tax Debt NOW Take Advantage of R & D Tax Credits

Janet Noack WOW Words of Wealth Webinar

For the past season and others prior, you may now apply for a tax credit from research and development investments that you have spent on during the period(s). You wouldn’t believe the list of items that you can get a sizable tax credit and save on your tax bill. Come and learn all about this exciting new tax liability reducer. We’re even offering a no-risk service for you to amend your prior years’ returns if you are interested.