CPAofFlorida WOW – Time Management Tips

Janet Noack WOW Words of Wealth Podcast

As a wife and mom of two and a leader in my firm time management skills is something I have been forced to practice a lot. I have developed three tips that work for me to help set my mindset daily on the path I need, as well as allowing me the feeling of moving forward each day instead of feeling more and more buried. While they may not work for you, they certainly work for me, and I hope you enjoy listening in!

CPAs of Florida Bring You Skip Elliott Bowman of Calypso Magic

Janet Noack WOW Words of Wealth Webinar

Please enjoy Skip’s steel drums to help you cope with the current crisis or any crisis, or just to keep you dancing when you need a little help getting motivated! Grab someone you love and pull up a chair or grab their hand and please enjoy this special program produced by the team at CPAs of Florida.

Performance by Skip Elliott Bowman
Production by Dream Time Entertainment
Editing and Production by 74 Systems

CPAofFlorida WOW – Are You Working From Home Now Courtesy Of The Coronavirus

Janet Noack WOW Words of Wealth Podcast

Are you now working from home, courtesy of Coronavirus? Do you have questions on what you might be able to write off on your taxes for your home office? This is our new normal where so many people, employees and subcontractors alike, are now converting space in their homes to offices. Listen in to hear if you might be eligible to deduct some of your home expenses on your taxes.