Words of Wealth Webinar – Lower Your Tax Debt NOW Take Advantage of R & D Tax Credits

Janet Noack, CPA WOW Words of Wealth Webinar

For the past season and others prior, you may now apply for a tax credit from research and development investments that you have spent on during the period(s). You wouldn’t believe the list of items that you can get a sizable tax credit and save on your tax bill. Come and learn all about this exciting new tax liability reducer. We’re even offering a no-risk service for you to amend your prior years’ returns if you are interested.

CPAs of Florida Bring You Skip Elliott Bowman of Calypso Magic

Janet Noack, CPA WOW Words of Wealth Webinar

Please enjoy Skip’s steel drums to help you cope with the current crisis or any crisis, or just to keep you dancing when you need a little help getting motivated! Grab someone you love and pull up a chair or grab their hand and please enjoy this special program produced by the team at CPAs of Florida.

Performance by Skip Elliott Bowman
Production by Dream Time Entertainment
Editing and Production by 74 Systems