Words of Wealth Webinar So My Mother Got Both the PPP and EIDL and She Needs Help With Repayment and

A consultant that works with our firm used our services to help his mother obtain both the PPP and EIDL so she could keep her small business open. He called us today to let us know it worked and she got BOTH the PPP and EIDL. His mother has many questions so this webinar is for her (and anyone else that is concerned about repayment and forgiveness and other tax and/or financial complications as a result of the loans.)

CPAs of Florida Bring You Skip Elliott Bowman of Calypso Magic

Please enjoy Skip’s steel drums to help you cope with the current crisis or any crisis, or just to keep you dancing when you need a little help getting motivated! Grab someone you love and pull up a chair or grab their hand and please enjoy this special program produced by the team at CPAs of Florida.

Performance by Skip Elliott Bowman
Production by Dream Time Entertainment
Editing and Production by 74 Systems